Speedstiles, wing stile, Double Unit

iMAT speedstiles are ideal thanks to their effective barrier performance and smooth, quiet operation. Our speedstiles are bi-directional and act as an aesthetically pleasing solution capable of catering to high numbers of pedestrian traffic. Doorkeeper Speed Stile, glass V type panel

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Doorkeeper Speed Stile, glass V type panel. Double centre unit for 500mm lanes stainless steel brushed finish housing. 24 BLDC high speed motor and safety beams. Including powersupply. Excluding batteries.

Control of staff movement
Control of an entrance and exit
Safety configuration in emergency situations
Glass wings retract into cabinet
Optical safety sensor array
LED array status indicators
Smooth and fast mechanical operation with tamper proof design
Random search and battery backup (optional)
Unlimited number of lane configurations
Our range of turnstiles are now available with a hygiene/sanitizing option
10 Year warranty
Transit Facilities
Stadium and Arenas
Educational Facilities
Corporate Facilities
Government Facilities


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