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The Power of Access Control

In an economic environment where cutting costs is king, there is still an acknowledgement that access control is a necessary function in every business. In smaller firms, access control may simply be a security door that the receptionist opens when someone arrives, while in larger enterprises it could consist of significant investments in technology and human resources. While you can’t beat the price of a security door, larger installations are more dynamic, complex and expensive. This is why access control doesn’t receive the publicity that ‘cooler’ technology solutions do; it is installed to be forgotten for a long time (with the exception of maintenance and expansion, of course).

We all want our access control to be the best and most secure, until we see the price tag. At Access and Beyond however, we have the prices to match your budget, bringing you only the best deals. So why not try, Access Portal Basic, as your option to access control. Access Portal Basic is free of charge and provides features that are normally only available through licensed software. Installation is simplified with an auto-install function which includes the automatic configuration of your hardware to reduce the traditional time and complexity associated with setting up an access control solution. The system also includes a number of high-end features, not often bundled with free software, such as anti-passback doors (APB) and the ability to create custom design access cards. An added benefit is the ability to use biometric readers. Yes, you read right – Access Portal Basic allows you to use biometric systems as part of your access control.

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