Order & Collect

Valued Customers,

We have created an order and collect system for the processing of new orders required by you during this time. Please use below guide for new orders:

1. Place orders via your sales representative, you may email or call on mobile numbers.
2. We will prepare your order and notify you once the order is ready for collection.
3. You may collect or use the courier service option to receive the order.

Important Terms and Conditions

● We will only supply to essential service companies that have a permit.
● All orders must be accompanied by the company’s CIPC documentation or permit to
trade during the lockdown period.
● Orders will be processed on accounts with good standing or via EFT payment only.
● Arrangements to collection or courier services will need to be discussed and we will
advise accordingly when collection is ready.
● Collection days differ and times strictly between 10am – 2pm.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Until then, take care..be safe and STAY HOME!!