Access Portal v4.4 is released

Touchless access control with biometrics

Access Portal software provides all the features needed to manage your access control site whether large or small.

In this release:

No touch solutions: the range of Idemia, Suprema and Hikvision facial readers are integrated with
Access Portal to enable:

  • Thermal sensing: set the temperature threshold through the software, to prevent access to
    individuals with elevated temperatures.
  • Face mask: ability to identify individuals without having to remove their face mask (device
  • Remote enrollment: in addition to on-device enrollment, some units provide the ability to
    upload user photographs for remote users.

Biometric capacity: this feature enables operators to quickly view the user capacity available on a
biometric device, to ensure there’s sufficient capacity.

In addition, the administrator can view the number of templates uploaded to each reader – great for
identifying a mismatch between the number of templates that should have been uploaded, versus
the amount actually uploaded for example, if there’s a corrupt template, saving time and user

Messaging: graphic icons and messages have been incorporated to provide visual user feedback on
the Impro BMTA and MDTA, removing any language or literacy barriers.

Expiry reasons: this feature enables a variety of expiry reasons to be added to the system, for
example, a mandatory safety certificate, or annual checkup, and alerts the user on arrival of their
impending suspension unless rectified. This is available exclusively to Enterprise users.

Languages: Access Portal is available off-the-shelf in 9 languages (English, French, Spanish,
Portuguese, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Greek and Bulgarian), with the added option of
custom languages where required.

OSDP: the new global open standard for access control is supported in Access Portal, in preparation
for Impro’s soon-to-be-launched OSDP products.

Who should use Access Portal?

The system is designed to operate from small to medium sites, all the way to multi-enterprise sites.


  • We’ve built in features for quicker commissioning, such as virtual hardware which allows you to build the system without stepping foot on site.
  • Upgrading a legacy system? Just import the tagholders through Excel, while the profile functionality lets you make one change and apply it to the selected profile group.
  • The system also includes variety of diagnostics and easy to use upgrade tools, all aimed at making an installation simpler, quicker and better.

End users

  • Standard features include the ability to control what information operators can access, whilst also maintaining a full audit trail of any operations.
  • Users can set up their own personalised dashboard, with commonly used actions (widgets) accessed straight from the dashboard.
  • Wide variety of standard reports which can be accessed at the click of a mouse, or create your own customised reports.
  • Integration of biometric readers, wireless locks and third party solutions such as CCTV, intrusion, elevator control and more.
  • Future-proofing your investment with the incorporation of new technologies and hardware, as they’re released.