End Of Life: Access in a Box Wiegand

The current Access in a Box Wiegand (HBW901) has been marked End Of Life and will no longer be available as a boxed solution, from the last sell date below.

However, you may continue to order the individual items such as:

  • HCW930: IPS controller and Wiegand module
  • HRW900: Multi-Discipline reader, MDR
  • TMC911: Mifare Credentials

Affected products:
HBW901 Access in a Box Wiegand, comprising IPS controller, Wiegand module, 2 x MDR and 10x Mifare tags

Effective from:

  • 25 June 2021
  • Last Sale Date: 20 August 2021

Should you have any queries, please email sales@accessandbeyond.com or contact your Access and Beyond representative

Kind regards,
Access and Beyond

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