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What is Access Control you may ask?

Access control provides you with more options and ultimately, more control over your building or estate
thus giving you the control to manage the controllable such as visitors, employees, vehicles, and
integrate with the unexpected such as fire or intrusion. Combined with a good intrusion monitor system,
an access control system becomes the foundation on which a quality building management setup is

Impro Access Control (IXP, Access Portal, S-Series), Idemia, Nedap, Suprema & HID

Access and Beyond is one the largest and leading distributors of Impro Access Control, above are the
most famous brands on access control that you can get your hands on. Let’s understand the variety.

Impro Access Portal contains software suite, Wiegand hardware, Wiegand readers, antenna hardware,
antenna readers, IO8 input/output hardware, individual cluster controllers, application controllers, multi
discipline time and attendance readers, IXP legacy, registration readers, dropbox, access tags and lets
not forget about Access in a Box (available in S-Series and Wiegand) for a simple in a box solution.

The Idemia range provides world-class biometric systems and consists of the following; Sigma Range,
Sigma Lite Range, Sigma Lite Plus Range, Sigma Extreme Range, Morpho Wave, Vision Pass, Mobility
Solutions, Enrolment Readers, Accessories, Licenses, Upgrades and more

Nedap identification systems make it convenient to identify vehicles and people, this also includes a
variety of; automated number plate recognition, upass, reach and target readers, accessories and upass
& transit tags.

Moving along to the newest trend, Suprema and HID.

Suprema is a leading global provider of access control, time & attendance and biometrics solutions. By
combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema has introduced
innovations to the security industry over the last decades. Suprema’s extensive range of portfolio
includes biometric access control systems, time & attendance solutions, fingerprint live scanners, mobile
authentication solutions and embedded fingerprint modules.

People use HID products to open doors, access digital networks, personalize badges, verify transactions,
find information, track assets and connect with others—ensuring their identities are seamlessly
accepted, anywhere, anytime. HID’s innovative products, including RFID and active low-energy
Bluetooth, identify and ensure that things—and the people and applications relying on them—are
connected and communicating with each other.

Access and Beyond has a list of products and services to offer. Since 2019, we joined forces with the
mighty Forbatt, and we have taken our business to the next level. What excites us about Forbatt is not
only the fact that we can distribute and supply a wide range of batteries but also the fact that we hold
and purchase large quantities of TVT stock.

TVT? Haven’t heard of this before?

TVT CCTV Surveillance is an upcoming CCTV range, shaking up the market. The range is endless and
advancing, from analogue bullets and domes to IP bullets and domes, high definition DVR’s and quality
friendly accessories. TVT is sure to make you see clearly.

Access and Beyond recently added physical access control to the products list, our in-house iMAT sales
representative is available for office and on-site consultations. iMAT Manufacturing offers a wide range
of turnstiles, barriers, security booths, gates, speed stiles, pedestrian barriers and numerous security
accessories, from goosenecks to poles. Be sure to contact us today for your physical access control
quote, certain to beat other physical access control quotes.

The Access and Beyond list do not stop there, we also distribute a wide range of security accessories
from the likes of maglocks, brackets, call points, no-touch exit sensors, key switches, door closers, power
supplies, cables, hard drives etc. There is also an endless list of security equipment that Access and
Beyond supplies such as; body-worn surveillance plus docking stations, metal detectors and walk-
through terminals, alcohol breathalysers, guarding batons, security torches, ID printers and accessories.

Contact us today for all your security requirements.

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